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We rent properties directly from landlords becoming the lead tenant with our guarantee rent program.  Our main goal is to ensure you receive a hassle-free service giving you the opportunity to truly enjoy your investment.

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BENEFITs of renting to a company

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We rent the property from you becoming your lead tenant and pay you an agreed rent monthly regardless of if the property is vacant or occupied. This way you don't have to worry anymore about void periods.


With duration periods for up-to 5 years, we offer landlords long-term letting contracts. This provides more security and stability, so they can budget that income for a long period of time.

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We take care of any day-to-day damage to the property as it is our responsibility to return the property back to the landlord in the same condition as when we took it. Properties are better kept after the period then if it was let to a tenant. This all gives the landlord a peace of mind.

management Included

We provide a full management service at no extra cost. We provide a hassle free experience which includes managing our clients, the general upkeep of the property and dealing with maintenance issues. Giving you a completely hands-off investment.

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